Meta Finance seeks to help clients help themselves.

Our model is not to create a long term dependency on us rather enable you to move your business forward by taking advantage of the accelerating technological change.

We help companies in three ways


Meta Finance provides management teams with thought leadership presentations covering topics including Open Data and Digital Customer Engagement.

We focus in on relevant technological change drivers and provide a tailor-made pitch to the business leaders in your organisation.

Our goal is to provoke thought and promote discussion on how your business might change.

Described by the board members that I spoke to last night as the best session of the day

CEO, Insurance Company

A hugely informative and well received session giving us plenty to think about. It hit the mark and the feedback from the group has been very positive.

CEO, Wealth Manager


Meta Finance acts as a diagnostic resource for firms tackling technology-related change and adoption across regulation, operations and customer engagement.

By focusing in specific areas of need, our role is to observe, diagnose and then establish how the Senior Management team should move forward. This is as relevant for start-ups looking to drive B2B sales as it is established firms 

Our 4-stage process and partners play a key role in providing the breadth and depth of consulting that firms need here.


We aim to make the world better through business, by enabling ambitious leaders to develop their connectivity, knowledge and resilience

We drive collaboration from beginning to end and are measured against actual impact created

Innovations only become market must-haves when product-market fit is achieved


We see change as an ongoing process and are under no illusion that we can provide all of the answers.

Our digital tools are in turn designed to provide Senior Managers both a gateway to a broader range of diagnostic services as well as ongoing educational support & market intelligence

We are currently working with a number of clients on our first tools and expect to release a range of subscription-based tools in 2018