META Finance is a strategic advisor and solutions provider to leading financial institutions and technology companies.



META Finance delivers strategic advice, coaching and software solutions to firms operating in the Wealth, Lending and Insurance sectors.

Our connections across the FinTech community, technological know-how and deep understanding of the challenges facing the financial service industry allow us to relate technological and industry changes to your unique situation.

Our proposition to clients centres on how they will adapt to the next phase of digital change, with a focus on the use of personal data.
Our goal is to help you help yourself, which we do in a number of ways:



At META Finance we bring together expertise and industry knowledge to help our clients with their strategic planning.

We work with them to support their thinking, enabling them to present their ideas with an execution plan for a credible change agenda.


We help organisations adapt their commercial strategy to reflect the changing nature of how data is being used in running businesses.

We believe that customer expectations and regulations, like GDPR, represent a cultural shift and an opportunity.


We help firms embed innovation as a process into their organisation.

We know change is difficult, but strongly believe that the best people that can accelerate change within an organisation are the individuals who work there.


We firmly believe that experimentation and working with the right partners leads to better results.

We help organisations by supporting them to identify, evaluate and then run POCs with firms that can help them on their transformation journey.


The Digital Economy is accelerating at a rapid pace and data is at the heart of all future business models. With this comes opportunity and risk for both individuals and businesses with personal data in particular needing to be handled with care.

At META Finance we believe that consumers will want more control over their personal data as the digital economy unfolds; they want to know what companies are using it for, they want it to be secure and they want to be able to transfer it from one organisation to another.
At the same time Financial Services businesses want to work closer with their customers and understand their needs.

We see the digital economy as an exciting opportunity for companies to get more customer engagement through the transparent use of personal data.


2018 is a critical year in this evolution and it brings with it a raft of new regulation such as PSD2, GDPR and industry initiatives like the Pension Dashboard and the private sector application of Verify, all designed to make financial data more open and the market more competitive.
At META Finance we seek to help firms and individuals navigate and benefit from these changes, to help them help themselves.
Below are some further insights on these initiatives:



META Finance was officially launched in January 2018 but our engagement with industry started well before the launch with a series of events and keynotes delivered over the course of 2017 and will continue throughout 2018 and beyond.

Upcoming events

25th September 2018 - Privacy vs Personalisation Breakfast discussion

2nd October 2018 - Social Impact Consumer Research Show and Tell (part of Good Money Week)

4th October 2018 - Social Impact Hackathon in collaboration with The Big Exchange

4th October 2018 - Digital Trust Workshop - in collaboration with Greater than X

29th October 2018 - Pension and ESG Roundtable in conjunction with Redington

30th October 2018 - Board Breakfast looking at digital evolution in conjuntion with Ridgeway Partners








Adrian Grace, CEO of Aegon UK, commented:

​“We asked Ben to present at our Strategy day as he brought to the table a great combination of in-depth industry experience, familiarity with our own business and a strong grasp of relevant technology developments. The ‘Data, Disruption & Innovation’ session was very well received by executives and non-executives alike. We will be looking to work with META Finance again. It prompted us to accelerate how we embed technology and data into our strategy given developments such as PSD2 and GDPR will be game-changing for our industry.

Caroline Connellan, Group Chief Executive at Brooks Macdonald said:

A hugely informative and well received session giving us plenty to think about.
It hit the mark and the feedback from the group has been very positive.

Adam Jones, CTO at Redington said:

“We worked with META Finance last year to help our organisation establish an Innovation Lab. Ben and the team provided mentoring and support which enabled us to gather momentum and clarify what and how to deliver within the organisation to support our mission of making 100 million people financially secure. We have retained the team whilst we run a first pilot phase for the Lab and would recommend this approach to others looking to accelerate their innovation.”


“META Finance were invaluable in providing additional insight and context regarding the customer lifecycle within financial institutions. Their high quality consultative approach sparked constructive discussions within our teams and identified new opportunities. The result of this activity is helping us further focus our efforts to assist our financial services customers to optimise their investigation processes.
We are very pleased with the results of Meta Finance’s training and advisory services.”


META Finance pulls together experienced industry practitioners with a united vision for a better society. We passionately believe in the social value of financial services and their role in improving people’s lives. Financial Inclusion and Empowerment are at the heart of what we care about, topics we feel which are also in the best interests of the industry as they represent an opportunity to both increase sales and reduce costs & regulatory risk.

Ben Leonard

Leadership Team

Ben Leonard is a former HSBC banker and Founder of META.

 “We have a vision of financial services which puts the customer, via their data, at the heart of every product and service. Technology and regulatory developments make this inevitable and we want to help organisations build this future state into their strategy to help their customers and themselves.”

Paul Carse

Leadership Team

Paul Carse is former Racing Post Newspaper CTO.

 Having worked in the newspaper industry for almost 20 years, where I played a leading role in the digital transformation of the Racing Post, META Finance offered an exciting opportunity to work with a team looking to help financial services clients dealing with similar challenges around the use of their data, security, privacy and more generally providing innovation in a fast changing landscape.”

Shaul David

Leadership Team

Shaul David is the former Fintech lead at the Department of International Trade.

 We help organisations build robust innovation practices and cultures, developed from the top and embedded throughout the organisation, whilst connecting them with relevant innovators from the global fintech industry.

Vaughan Jenkins


Vaughan Jenkins is an  experienced partner level consultant with senior industry experience in financial services.

“The impact of years of fintech development is beginning to be felt in terms of new customer experiences and this is only going to accelerate. Financial services firms still need to understand how to build eco-systems not just own brands, if they are going to be part of the future…We are helping to make this happen.”